In 2002 Angelica Lutheran Church embarked on a second major renovation project for the Church building. In 1977 the building addition to Angelica provided much needed space as the congregation’s needs grew. The structure has served us well but it became apparent the flat roof could no longer endure the demanding Michigan weather. A Building Restoration Committee was formed to propose a solution to the continuing issues relating to Angelica’s massive roof structure.

Our church has always been recognized as an impressive and stately building and it was important for the committee to preserve this natural beauty. The Building Committee selected the capable architectural firm of Anthony Herk and Associates of Flat Rock, Michigan to develop restoration plans. Associated Construction Services of Fenton, Michigan was awarded the contract to perform the restoration work. Fund raising and financing through the Lutheran Church Extension Fund brought our dream to reality as our finance committee work hard to make the restoration possible. It would be an understatement to say what took place was amazing, but indeed was. Prayer, talent, and financial commitments all blessed by God, brought the restoration to completion within budget and faithfully paid down the mortgage.

Most notable exterior changes include a pitched roof over the 1977 addition with installation of a standing-seam metal roof. Copper flashing and an elaborate rain conducting system was put in place to transfer runoff from the courtyard area to downspouts that are located outside the church. This was designed to accommodate the potential for a rainstorm of biblical proportion once in a hundred years. A drive-through barrier free portico and smaller covered entrance to the church office were erected. Limestone window framing was added to the 1977 windows so they would match the original church design. Another enhancement that was made mid-project was the expansion of the south organ chamber, which took advantage of the new loft area of the pitched roof. This allowed more room for the Organ Renovations that have been taking place over the past few years. Finally, the crowning glory to the restoration project was a generous gift from one of our members to purchase a larger custom cross to enhance the peak of Angelica’s roof.

With a 60 year old structure, many building issues we have are ongoing and we will approach them with the enthusiasm and talents we applied in the past. Yes, Angelica Lutheran Church may be bricks and mortar but it is here we plan, worship, and celebrate what truly will be our eternal home.

You can view some of these exterior improvements in the pictures below. You can also learn more about our other improvements on our Building Renovations and Organ Renovations pages

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