The Angelica Foundation

“Let your light so shine…”

The Purpose of the Fund:

The Angelica Foundation, a permanent endowment fund, finds purpose in providing financial support for mission activities beyond those included in the congregation’s annual budget. The Foundation administers an ongoing program to receive special gifts and bequests so as to enhance our mission support now and in the future.

Officially established in 1990, the Fund:

  • provides opportunities for members and friends of the Church to have an active roll in mission-work during their lifetime and beyond
  • expands the Church’s mission activities beyond what the annual operating budget allows
You Can Contribute to the Fund by:
  • naming the Angelica Foundation as one of the beneficiaries of your Will or Trust
  • donating special current gifts of cash, stock or property to the Angelica Foundation
  • designating the Angelica Foundation as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Premiums may be current charitable tax deductions
  • funding a Gift Annuity to provide current income and tax benefits for you now with the annuity passing to the Angelica Foundation following your death
  • donating your personal residence to the Angelica Foundation after your death
Special recognition will be given to contributors. Gifts to the Foundation may provide significant estate tax savings, as well as income tax deductions. Everyone’s situation is different. Please consult your accountant to see how your donation will affect your tax.