“After the devil had finished tempting Jesus in every possible way, the devil left Him until another time.” Luke 4:13

The Devil tried to make even Jesus do something wrong. Satan used every way that he knew how to trick Jesus into sinning.
We know that the Devil also tempts us. His temptations are like threats to us. Some of his temptations may cause us to sin and others may not.

Suppose I had a drinking glass and I threatened the glass with water. We know that the water does not hurt the glass. In fact, the water can make the glass clean. If I hold the glass over a candle flame, it will not hurt the glass. If I held it over the flame for a long time, the glass might break. But the glass can stand up over the flame for a while. But what would happen if I hit the glass with a hammer? That would break the glass. The glass is not afraid of water or fire, but the hammer would destroy it.

Now think about a piece of bread. The fire will not hurt the bread. In fact, it makes the bread into toast. The hammer would flatten the bread, but not destroy it. But what would happen if I dropped the bread into water? That would ruin the bread. What a mess it would make.

Now think about a piece of plastic. The hammer and the water cannot hurt it. But if I held it over a flame, it would melt, burn, and stink.

The glass, the bread, and the plastic can each be destroyed by one thing, but not even be hurt by others. That is how you and I are about temptation. Some temptations do not bother us, but others do. Maybe you would never tell a lie or steal, but you might hate someone. You might never cheat in a game, but you might cheat on a test.

Each of us have temptations that bother us; even though those same temptations might not bother some other people. We should know what sins are big problems for us; so we can ask Jesus for help. We can fight against temptations because He has been tempted in every way that we have. Yet He did not sin. Instead He paid for our sins so when we are tempted we can use His victory over sin to help us fight against those temptations.

We also need to understand that others may have trouble with temptations that do not bother us. Even if we had the chance, we would not do some sins. But others have trouble with that same sin. We need to understand that they have different temptations. We are not better than they are. Instead we need to show them the same help from Jesus.

Each of us has some weakness. But each one of us also has a great power in Jesus. He helps us fight temptation, and He forgives us when we sin.

– Reverend Joel Holls