Our Mitten Tree collected 26 pairs of gloves; 2 pairs of mittens; 2 sets of matching gloves and hats; 10 hats; 4 scarves; 2 sets of scarves, gloves and hats and 12 sets of matching hats and scarves. Thanks to everyone donating, needy children at Zion Lutheran in Detroit were truly happy to receive them.

A big thanks to everyone at Angelica who helped to make our ‘Bake Sale’ on Sunday, February 13th a success.

Great job the girls did on the Lenten Luncheon, Wednesday, February 20th.

The date of March 19th, is fast approaching for the luncheon honoring Angelica’s ‘Woman of the Year’ Evelyn Lisk. What a wonderful event for Evelyn and her family.

The Altar Guild will be participating in the Garage Sale on Saturday, April 13th.

Please circle your calendars with the following Altar Guild events:

March 19 – Woman of the Year luncheon honoring Evelyn Lisk
October 12 – Craft Fair
December 7 – Cookie Walk

For those interested in attending, our next mini-meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 13th @ 6:00 PM before the 7:00 PM Lenten Service.