The Mite Box has been an important part of our congregation’s life for many years, but it seems not to be all that well known at Angelica. So what is it?

The Mite Box is based on the biblical account, in Luke 21:1-4, where the Lord spoke warmly of the poor widow who dropped 2 small copper coins into the collection box. Our modern day Mite Box is a small paper container that Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) members use to make small but regular donations. One mite box will hold approximately $3.00 in pennies (but other denomination coins – and even paper currency – fit in them quite nicely). The individual donations are accumulated and used to support LWML District and National mission grants. 100% of the money collected from mite boxes goes to charities chosen by LWML. The funds are shared by the national, district and regional organization, each level selecting the charities they choose to support in a given year.

Last spring, at the English District Convention of the LWML, it was decided that a portion received by the District would be divided between the following charities: Training K-9 comfort dogs for LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) chaplains, Support for Lutheran Public Radio, Strengthening and Expanding Campus Ministry, Bible story books in Sign Language and Written Text, and Worship for Shut-ins and others.

Angelica’s chapter of LWML has used Mite Boxes for many years. But their use is not limited to its members only. A number of our other parishioners have also participated, and we invite you, too, to drop a few, small copper coins (or larger non-copper coins, or even paper currency) into a Mite Box. The Mite Boxes themselves are available throughout the year at the back of our church. When they are full, they may be turned in to any member of the Women’s Guild or may be placed into the collection baskets during the services.

All donations are greatly appreciated. You can see from the recipient charities listed above that even small amounts can be used to help those who need it so badly.