10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Our Cookie Walk has always been very successful because of the “special” bakers at Angelica. Guess what!  Right, the Guild is again asking for your help.  If you could donate some of your favorite Christmas “goodies” for the walk, the Guild would very much appreciate it.  Containers for your donated cookies are located in the narthex.  In any case, if you are , or are not a baker, but are looking for a special gift for a favorite person, or just want to enjoy a variety of “goodies” do come shop at the Cookie Walk.  Just pick up a container, circle the tables to admire all your favorite cookies and then fill your container to the brim.  As an added plus, the whole package will be decorated with a ribbon so when you get home you can serve an especially attractive variety of “goodies”.  Oh, don’t forget to let your neighbors, friends and relatives know about our Cookie Walk.   Invite them too or just bring them with you.