What if Angelica opened the door to a room in the church that contained over 10,000 videos on the shelves that you could use for free? Children’s content like Veggie Tales, content for youth, men, women, married couples, Bible studies, dealing with various life issues, etc.
What if instead of having to check out a video, you could have your own login to watch anytime on virtually any device, Netflix style? Angelica now has a subscription that allows any member to use this online video library, called RightNow Media, for free.
If you do not have an account yet, you can get set up with one just by clicking on the following link: Rightnow.org – Angelica Lutheran Church account. These videos are meant to supplement your active participation in Sunday worship and the life of the church.
I hope many of you will give me your feedback. I hope to get a conversation started, where many of you will tell me about videos or other content on the site that you found helpful, so that I can recommend it to others.
Pastor Sachs