The Annual Cookie Walk is on Saturday, December 5th from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Everyone is encouraged to pick up one or more of the aluminum trays in the narthex and fill them with your favorite homemade cookies. All cookies will be greatly appreciated by the Guild (and those lucky people who buy and eat them). Bring those filled trays to the church on Friday, December the 4th (5 to 7p.m) or early Saturday, December 5th. If those aren’t good times for you, call Tina Pawloski To arrange another time.
And don’t forget that there will be a huge assortment of cookies you can choose from to buy as a special gift, to serve your guests, and even for your own enjoyment. The goodies are reasonably priced, especially in comparison with cookies from craft fairs and even other cookie walks. Mark your calendar; December 5th. Be sure to come early because the selection is much better then.