As a result of the “second wave” of COVID19 we are suspending our in-person worship services as of November 23rd until further notice.
Until we are able to gather together again, we would like to stay connected as fellow members of the body of Christ. We ask God’s mercy to shorten the duration and severity of this pandemic around the world. We ask His protection for all who care for the sick, and His wisdom for all in positions of leadership.

We will send emails with the Sunday and Wednesday service folders attached, so that all of us can read the Scripture passages and pray the prayers at home, and read or sing the hymns as well.  (If Patty does not have your current email address, please send it to her.)

We will post updates here on Angelica’s website and on Angelica’s Facebook page. We urge our members to remain in contact with us with any prayer requests, suggestions, or concerns. Do not hesitate to call or email Pastor or Patty, or leave a message on the church phone.