Would you like to become a member of Angelica?

There are a few ways a person can become a part of our family of faith:
  • Membership classes conducted by the pastor for children and adults are conducted several times each year.
  • Membership transfer from another Lutheran congregation.
  • Re-affirmation of faith.

We encourage you to meet with Pastor Sachs to discuss your membership interests. He can help explain your options, and depending on your religious background, can provide a thorough overview of
our Lutheran teachings and beliefs, as well as clarify the differences between Lutheran denominations.

The members of our congregation are happy that you wish to become part of our Christian fellowship. Our Lord Jesus Christ bids us to confess our faith in Him, with the promise that He will then acknowledge us before His Father in Heaven.

So we may rejoice in your confession, we will ask you in the presence of God and of our congregation:

  • Do you accept and confess that the teachings of the Lutheran Church, as you have come to know them, are faithful and true to that Word of God?
  • As a member, do you intend to continue in the congregation of our Church, attend worship, make diligent use of the means of Grace, and lead a righteous and godly life?
  • Will you support the work our gracious Lord has given our congregation with your prayers, time, treasure, and talent?
For more information, please contact the church office or Pastor Sachs.