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Planning For Your Wedding

We regard a wedding at Angelica to be a church service which praises God for bringing the bride and groom together as husband and wife. Therefore, all wedding music, readings, vows and prayers are to be consistent with God’s Word.

We ask God’s blessing upon your marriage.

If you are interested in having your wedding at Angelica, we have prepared the following information for your review. More detailed information can be received from the church office, or during a consultation with Pastor Sachs.

Wedding Planning

Setting the Date

Check with the church office to determine if your desired date is clear on the church calendar. A deposit is required to hold your chosen date and time.

Pre-marital Conferences

The Pastor requires at least 3 meetings with the engaged couple before the wedding to discuss married life and what guidance God’s Word gives.

Worship Attendance

We do require that you attend a service at Angelica at least once per month during the time you are preparing for marriage.

We do not require that you must become members of Angelica, but we do want you to be familiar with our style of worship.

Fees for Weddings at Angelica

A member of Angelica’s Altar Guild serves as a consultant for weddings at Angelica. She will be helpful to you for planning what all is to be included in the wedding. She will also provide you with a listing of the fees that apply to your wedding.

Financial matters must be settled by the time of the rehearsal, if not already before.

Religious Guidance

We desire that the bride and groom enter the lifelong relationship of marriage with the maturity that willingly takes on all responsibilities in regard to marriage and that they prepare for it in the best way, with the help of God.

We know from God’s Word that He instituted marriage. He pronounced His blessings upon it as He did all creation. He has even given insight into how spouses should live and love together. Thus we know that praying for and following God’s guidance will bring His blessing on married life.

Because it is common to desire being married in a church, it is logical to want to be married in the church where you are considered a participating member. Therefore, our priorities for being married at Angelica are:

  • that one or both members of the wedding couple be members of Angelica Lutheran Church
  • that if neither of the wedding couple is a member of Angelica, they must be a family member of a member of Angelica Lutheran Church
  • that if neither of the two are Lutheran, they must profess Jesus Christ as their Savior, and would consider attending the instruction classes to learn the basics of the Lutheran faith
All couples desiring to be married at Angelica Lutheran Church must meet with Pastor Sachs for counseling and planning.

Other Guidelines

Printed Order of Service

Since it is possible that you will have people present who are not familiar with the order of the wedding service, you might consider a Wedding Service folder. The printed order will also make a suitable memento for you and your friends.

Arrangements for Music

If you choose to have music in your ceremony it will be necessary for you to consult with the Pastor and the organist. Contact the organist no less than 2 weeks prior to the wedding date to discuss the choices of music. If no contact is made, the organist will make the musical selections.

If the organist is to accompany a vocalist or instrumentalist(s), an additional fee may be required to cover the extra requirements of time and preparation. A brief musical run-through rehearsal (included in this additional fee) is typically scheduled on the day of the wedding, a sufficient amount of time before the guests are expected to begin arriving. The organist is not present for the wedding rehearsal, unless special arrangements are made, so it should not be expected that musical rehearsal will take place at that time.


The rehearsal for your wedding should be held at a time when all those standing in the front during the ceremony can be present. The Pastor will be in charge of the rehearsal. The rehearsal time is determined with the Pastor during the planning meetings.

Picture taking

It is important that the photographer and/or any video operators not be a distraction. If a video tape of the wedding or a photographer is working during the wedding, these persons must speak with the Pastor before the wedding. There are to be NO flash pictures taken during the service. Pictures may be taken after the service is over.

Use of Facilities

Ordinarily, the church building will be ready for you one hour before the time of the wedding. If your ceremony is a second wedding on that day, there may be a short period of ‘overlap’ with the two wedding parties. We ask all parties to show consideration. We ask that you instruct your florist to make any deliveries to the church no later than one hour before the wedding.

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