Angelica’s 60th Anniversary
(1947 – 2007)

What a milestone this is! In 1947 Angelica started out with prayers for God’s blessings in a new venture, starting a new congregation. Now we reach 2007 with joy and thankfulness, having experienced the fullness of God’s grace. We started out with fears of how much it would all cost. We reach this milestone on the calendar with a peace that surpasses human understanding because God has blessed us with the ability to do the work we set out to do.

The only way this could have happened is by the almighty God blessing our trust in Him. We could never have accomplished what we did if we had not first asked for His help and trusted that He would use us to accomplish His will. Yet there is more to do. Of our own resources we will not accomplish anything of lasted value. Only with the help of God can success be measured.

It would be easy to allow this 60th Anniversary celebration to reflect an “all of us” atmosphere as we recognize Angelica’s accomplishments over the past 60 years. Milestones indeed are important along life’s path, so Sunday, September 16, 2007, we humbly acknowledge the true reason we gather at 8400 Park Avenue, Allen Park, Michigan FOR this truly is the house of Our Lord. We thank Jesus Christ our Savior for all the blessing bestowed upon this congregation and for His guidance that Angelica has received for the past 60 years.

Our congregation has taken up the banner of “Let us Serve Him” to reflect our thoughts of continued commitment and prayers of appreciation as we gather to celebrate this, our 60th anniversary. For truly our celebration is not about us, but about Him.

– Pastor Joel Holls

How quickly ten years has passed since we celebrated our 50th anniversary as a congregation. These last ten years have brought a few changes inside and outside the church. Inside the parish hall the carpet on the walls was removed and walls freshened up with patch work and paint. In our sanctuary, the chancel was restored and completely painted, including a pale blue arched panel with gold accent stripes to set off the arched framing of the west wall with the graphics pictorials and magnificent stained glass cross. The offices of Pastor, the church secretary, and lounge area were newly decorated and carpeted. New heating, air conditioning, and water tank were installed thereby replacing the 1977 equipment. Some of the most notable changes to Angelica occurred as part of our 2002 Restoration Project.