Rev. Joel M. Holls

The 4th Minister to lead our congregation was The Reverend Joel M. Holls, and we welcomed him and his family into the Angelica family of faith on September 3, 1995.

Pastor Holls came from a strong, religious family background. He was the fourth generation in a line of Lutheran Ministers that dates back to the family’s immigration to America in 1849; and to Germany before that. The Holls family had strong ties and involvement with, all facets of the Lutheran Church. From the formation of new churches, schools, missions and retreats, to the expansion and administration of Church Districts and Synods

Pastor Holls retired as Angelica’s pastor at the end of 2013. He now assists other congregations as an interim pastor, aiding them while they transition between full-time leadership positions.

You can view Pastor’s background and experience page for more on his family history, personal experience and accomplishments.