Why Choose a Lutheran Education?

Lutheran schools emphasize the importance of strong values for life, especially a good balance between academics and social and personal development, integrating these values in daily lives. Starting out in Pre-school, many of the thousands of Lutheran grade schools are located on the grounds of their associated Church. This helps promote an integration of a person’s faith with their education and helps ensure these attributes stay with them as they mature. Continuing that education through a Lutheran high school and into college allows that connection to grow and guide that person throughout their life.

Graduates of Lutheran colleges/universities report they are well prepared for their careers. They say they benefited from small classes, personal interaction with professors and students who shared their interests. Student-professor interaction is one of the key strengths of a Lutheran college/university education. Even older students, coaches, academic advisors, and campus pastors helped in mentoring students.

Faith and spiritual development is a source of focus and strength, enabling individuals to reach beyond their own concerns to connect with and serve others. At Lutheran schools, study, faith, and service are closely intertwined. Graduates report that a strong set of values and a faith that fuels church and community involvement are the elements that add up to a sense of purpose in life.

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