Paying for College & Financial Aid

The cost of a college education is high. Students and their families are shocked and discouraged by the published “sticker” price of college tuition and housing. What most students and families do not know is that there is help in making a college education affordable. Financial assistance in the form of grants or scholarships is often an essential part of covering the cost of an education for many students.

Financial aid comes from many sources: federal and state grants, institutional grants for merit or need, and private grants/gifts from outside sources based on prior achievements or activities (foundations, local charitable entities, and other scholarship granting entities/chapters).

Public institutions grant financial assistance to about 70% of enrolled students while private institutions grant financial assistance to almost 90% of the students. The colleges and universities of the Concordia University System follow this trend . $110 million in financial aid was granted to 28,500 students during the last academic year. Registered church work students received an average of $12,400 per student.

There are some important steps to keep in mind when applying to an institution for admission.

  • Fill out the required forms to determine the families’ expected contribution to a student’s educational cost;
  • Apply for admission early;
  • Financial aid is distributed on a “first-come-first-served” basis (institutions have a limited amount of funds to devote to financial aid);
  • And the institution that offers the best financial aid package is not always the best for a student’s personal and spiritual growth.

Lutheran Colleges save you money?

Survey Says: 40% of public university grads take more than 4 years to complete college compared to 82% at Lutheran colleges finishing on time. Result? Less tuition cost and earlier entrance into the work force and earnings potential.

Useful Information

A very helpful website for learning about many of the Lutheran Colleges around the country is: They provided a wealth of information on choosing the right location to fit your needs, and assisting you in getting all the assistance you need.

Did You Know?

According to the updated comparative alumni survey, 80% of Lutheran college alumni indicated that professors challenged them but helped them meet those challenges, compared to 47% of those who attended flagship public universities.

Sources of Financial Aid

  • Federal Aid – loans and grants
  • State Aid – loans and grants
  • Work Study
  • Private or Outside Aid – congregations, home district, AAL or LB, Veterans Administration, ROTC, etc.
  • Institutional Aid – merit scholarships, church work scholarships, athletic scholarships, etc.