Angelica’s Worship Services

We are a liturgical church, guided in our worship by the Lutheran Lectionary and honoring the historic worship forms and hymns that are associated with the Protestant Reformation.

Our traditional church service is held Sunday mornings at 9:30 am. Hymn singing is accompanied by organ and piano, and we also have a voice choir and instrumentalists. Holy Communion is celebrated on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.

Our Regular Church Service

  • Organ Prelude
  • The Welcome
  • The Ringing of the Bells
  • The Opening Hymn
  • The Psalm of the Day
  • Divine Service II (Second Setting)
  • The First Scripture Selection
  • The Gradual
  • The Second Scripture Selection
  • The Children’s Lesson
  • The Verse
  • The Holy Gospel Reading
  • The Creed
  • The Sermon Hymn
  • The Sermon
  • The Offering
  • The Offertory
  • The Prayers
  • Holy Communion (twice a month)
    • The Preface
    • The Lord’s Prayer
    • The Hymns During the Distribution
    • The Post-Communion Canticle
  • The Benediction
  • The Closing Hymn
  • The Organ Postlude

Holy Communion

All who are baptized and believe that Jesus Christ is truly present in the Sacrament of Communion are welcome to participate in the celebration of this feast. If you receive Communion at your home church, you are welcome to receive Communion at Angelica. If you are not a member, but do wish to participate, we ask that you introduce yourself to Pastor prior to the service. Children or persons that do not commune are welcome to come forward for a blessing.

Sacraments, Ceremonies and Teachings

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