The Church season of Lent begins February 13, 2013, Ash Wednesday. Sounds early doesn’t it! Yes, it does. That is because this year Easter is on March 31st.

Lent is a season which prepares us to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus. Lent is a time to remember the suffering and death of Jesus and to reflect on our lives and our need for the Savior.

Special Wednesday services are planned for 11 AM and 7 PM. The theme this year is “Cross/Peace”.

On Sunday February 10, each family will receive a model of the cross. This is the beginning of a Cross/Peace display. At each of the Wednesday services, each family will receive an additional piece of the display. Each piece will serve as a reminder of the message that week, and be a reminder of a portion of the events of our Lord’s Suffering. At the end of the 6 week series, you will have a completed Cross/Peace display which you will be able to use to tell others the Gospel of the Lenten Season.

Put the special services on your schedule and join us each Wednesday. Mention it to your friends so they will come also. All are welcome. Pray for our congregation and all of our families, that during this special season all of us will become closer to Jesus.