The LCMS English District

The English District is one of the 35 districts of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. At one time the English District was an independent Lutheran Synod in North America, organized in 1888 as the “English Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Missouri”, and its history goes back to colonial times. It is unique however, in that it is one of two non-geographical districts of the Synod. By non-geographical they mean the District’s congregations are not located in designated geographical areas or states or sections of the country. Rather they are found throughout 18 states and the Canadian province of Ontario. The District has 161 congregations and ministries, with a combined membership of approximately 70,000. They also have close to 70 member schools ranging from day care through high school.

The English District has opened more new missions than any other district of the Synod and continues to do so today. Currently district congregations minister in 19 different languages including: French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Tigrian, Urdu, Amharic, Nuer, and Sign. The English District serves campuses, human care and other types of ministries.

The seal of the “English District” is a two-trunked sycamore tree, with inter-twining branches, displaying how they have worked in and with Missouri Synod. Their faith, goals and organization is one. Above the District Seal are the following words, “Justified by Faith.” That is their message.

The English District

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