Order your poinsettias to beautify our church this Christmas season. The Altar Guild is sponsoring the sale of poinsettia plants. If you wish to buy a plant “to honor” or “in memory of” a loved one, please complete the appropriate section below.

Deadline for ordering is Sunday, November 23rd.

PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY THE ORDER. Make your check payable to the Mary-Elisabeth Altar Guild.

Place your order in the box in the narthex.

Please do not leave cash in the flower order box. If you wish to pay for your flowers with cash, please give your payment and order to Sue Tumara at (313) 585-0127, or an Altar Guild member.

Your Name____________________________________

Phone Number________________________________

Red Single Poinsettia:

5-7 Blooms at $10.00 each _________(how many?)

Red Double Poinsettia:

8-14 Blooms at $15.00 each _________(how many?)

For the bulletin:

Placed in honor of ______________________________

Given by:_______________________________________

Placed in memory of _____________________________

Given by:_______________________________________

Will you be taking your plant home? Yes No

Plants may be taken home after each service on Christmas Eve.